Religious Curriculum

In our religious educational program, offered each week, we:

  • Use stories, songs and pictures to look at God’s world and to be thankful for all He has created.
  • Emphasize that God made us special and that He loves each of us.
  • Use units on senses, caring for one another and community helpers to see God’s special care for us in our everyday world.
  • Look at Bible characters and the value lessons that they teach us, such as courage, taking a stand for what is right, sharing, loving one another, and the importance of family.

Values that help children love and understand others are the themes that make up the core of the curriculum and not a particular denominational doctrine.

Children develop the following truths:

  • I am special.
  • God loves me and has a plan for me.
  • His world and creations are important for me to respect and acknowledge.